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Our History

A Leader in Sustainable Furniture Production

Furniture Of Choice For The Environment

Dongguan SAOSEN Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 and has been committed to providing great-quality commercial furniture for more than 20 years.

Our company has established an efficient marketing network, set up branches and offices in key domestic cities, and set up distributors and service institutions in provincial capital cities across China. We cooperate with agents in more than 20 countries and regions, share resources, and make concerted efforts for the development of the company.

SAOSEN furniture wants to be a bridge between traditional and modern environmental protection materials, offering commercial users a variety of products that fulfill their needs and promote healthy living with a modern touch. SAOSEN is committed to the environmental protection of commercial furniture and continues to develop new solutions for creating healthy and ideal commercial spaces.

Core Values

We at Neo Front Furniture believe in commitment to quality, value, and service.

Innovation Value

We build furniture that looks good in any home. Our innovative thinking and methods make sure you find the perfect match for your space perfectly.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe in honesty and integrity in business. Adhering to the need for the healthy development of society, we are committed to gaining trust and building a win-win relationship with customers and partners.

Sustainable Production

We are committed to providing customers with the highest levels of quality and service, while also creating products that are environmentally friendly and sustainably produced.

Employee Satisfaction

We value our employees and want to ensure that they have the best working environment possible. This translates into workplace efficiency, increased productivity, and greater customer satisfaction.


We started small but have reached the top of our industry thanks to hard work, values, and teamwork.

Working for a Sustainable Future

We are thrilled to show you the evidence of our efforts for sustainable and eco-friendly production.

Production Equipment

SAOSEN has one of the largest and most advanced environmental protection powder spraying systems for MDF production lines in the world and cooperates with advanced production equipment mainly in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland to ensure maximum production capacity and high-quality production. As one of the top ten brands of office furniture in China, SAOSEN will keep working to promote product quality enhancement and design innovation.

  • GIEBN (Italy)
  • MASTERWOOD (Italy)
  • SELCO (Italy)
  • VIMA (Italy)
  • BIESSE (Italy)
  • FRAVOL (Italy)
  • FRAVD (Italy)
  • DMC (Italy)
  • IMA (Italy)
  • WEIBER (Germany)
  • KOREX (Germany)
  • KUPER (Germany)
  • HOMAG (Germany)
  • GEMA (Switzerland)

110m UV Lacquer Production Line

110m UV Lacquer Production Line

Bending Center

Sawing Center

Double Head Laser Roller Coating