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Author : Wei Yuan

Workstation two seater

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Neo Front Face To Face 2 Seater Workstation Desk PC MDF White

Product Material:

  • Top: powdercoated MDF
  • Legs: solid metal

Product Specifications:

Powder Coated MDF (PC MDF), No VOCs, HAPs (hazardous air pollutants), and heavy metals. 250℃ of high-temperature sterilization can effectively remove formaldehyde and kill the bacteria in MDF. Encapsulated powder coating greatly minimizes the formaldehyde emission in MDF and inhibits the growth of bacteria. No pollution will be produced during the production process. High strength protective layer of powder coating (resistance to scratch, abrasion, and water). No edge banding is needed and flexible surface design options ( color, texture) give more design inspiration. No water consumption during the production. All powder is recyclable during production. PC MDF High strength protective layer of powder coating (resistance of scratch, abrasion and water)

Serves as a workstation specifically designed for both computer use and paper-generating work.

Crafted with premium quality material for sturdiness curated with high-grade material for both resilience and aesthetic appeal.

Size: 100*120*75cm / 120*120*75cm / 34 kg

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