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Our Technology

Powdered Coated MDF

Superior to National Environment Safety Standards Powder Sprayed MDF Furniture

After random inspection by the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, all inspection items of Zhaosheng powder-sprayed products were qualified.

Invisible Killer Around Us

We used to gallop under the blue sky and white clouds, now we just want to take revenge

The atmosphere is shrouded in thick industrial exhaust fumes, endless car exhaust, living dust flying in the wind… Crises in outdoors, attention should also be paid indoors. Toxic substances released during decoration will increase the chances of cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory diseases, leading to miscarriage of pregnant women, congenital malformations of neonates and leukemia in children.

invisible killer

Powdered Coated MDF

Superior to national environment standards. Powder coated MDF furniture


100% powder recycling, recycling all powders, truly 100% environmentally friendly furniture.

0 percent


No harmful volatiles such as pollution, paint were detected.


250 C

High temperature sterilization to effectively remove formaldehyde.

save the planet


European EO environmental standards reached.

Why Does SAOSEN Develop Powder Spraying MDF Technology?


No volatile organic substance and heavy metals were detected in the powder-Coated MDF products.


The enclosed powder package greatly reduces the formaldehyde emissions remaining in the MDF, and at the same time can inhibit the growth of bacteria.


High strength protective layer (high scratch resistance, high wear resistance, high moisture resistance).


After being sterilized at 250 °C, the formaldehyde in the MDF can be effectively removed in the MDF, thus reaching the European EO environmental protection standard.


In the production process, all the remaining powder can be recycled.


The powder-sprayed MDF process does not emit organic pollutant into the atmosphere during production.


There is no water consumption in the production process.

China Green Star

SAOSEN furniture passed the Green Star Certification

  1. It shows that SAOSEN Furniture produces environmentally friendly products
  2. It shows that SAOSEN furniture is conducive to the development of circular economy. energy saving and emission reduction (reducing pollution emissions), protecting the ecological environment, benefiting not harming human health, saving resources and energy, and conforming to national industrial and technological policies.
  3. It shows that the product has the characteristics of advanced quality, leading environmental performance, outstanding environmental benefits, user satisfaction, and strong market competitiveness.